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You will soon have the opportunity to join us for 3 Days and 2 Nights on China’s biggest Luxury Cruise Ship. The cost for a ticket is £500 per person. The opportunity to buy-in will only become available at the beginning of April as the number of Members who qualified for the Momentum Incentive has … Continue reading “Opportunity to buy a ticket for China’s biggest Luxury Cruise Ship.”

Such has been the response to this incentive that the Momentum Dubai event is now CLOSED as we have reached full capacity of 2000 members! However….. Regardless of where you live in the world, you still can qualify to join us at the Asia Momentum Event on China’s biggest Luxury Cruise Ship. Remember, tickets are … Continue reading “You can still qualify for China’s biggest Luxury Cruise Ship.”

Emotional intelligence, also known as your EQ (for emotional quotient), plays the biggest part in taking you to the top. There is a powerful positive correlation between good EQ skills and success in the workplace. What is EQ? good self-awareness strong people skills Four domains of EQ, self-awareness self-management social awareness relationship management Capabilities positive … Continue reading “Boost your emotional intelligence to excel as an entrepreneur”