Buy in February and get rewarded in May

Purchase a Digital Market Service from 1 February up to and including 28 February then the contract will start on 1 May with the reward due on 31 May 2018.

Early adopters of the DMS product are already enjoying their rewards. They received over £350 as their reward at the end of their first month of service.

So if you want to see your service start as soon as possible you should buy in February.

Time is running out.


2月份 (包括228) 购买数字市场服务,我们预期服务合约将由51日启用,回报于531日发放。 最早购买数字市场服务的会员已经在享受他们的收益。他们在服务的首月,已经收到超过350英镑的回报。 如果你想尽快启用您的服务,要把握在二月份购买。 时间所剩无几了。