Cambodia Executive Trip 2019 Highlights

The highlights from the LEO Executive Trip June 2019 are HERE!

Watch our incredible video from our recent Executive Trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Hear from Mihir Magudia, Global Director of External Relations, witness our luxurious lifestyle experience and see exactly what you can be a part of next time. Also download the pictures and show your prospects what they can achieve with LEO!

We were in Cambodia. We were on the Executive Trip. We’ve flown leaders in from 13 different countries. We have this group of disparate nationalities, and backgrounds and cultures. They all come together and they gel, they have fun, they network, they work together, just to be in the ambiance, to be in the environment, to experience different cultures, to absorb the history, to understand ancient cultures, that’s what Cambodia does better than anything. It just inspires people.

The other opportunity that we have on the executive trip is to work with our new leaders, people that we may or may not have met before and we can share with them the game plan for going forward, provide them with the tools, tips and training to grow their businesses and to reach their next goals; Director and beyond.

We meet our leaders, they meet us, we come together as a team, and we give them a lifestyle experience that is second to none.

There is so much going on in this company and we are here now to really create a good future for us all.

That’s what LEO is, it’s about unleashing that Lion within, and changing peoples’ lives.