Do you still need to upgrade your LEOcoins?

We have extended the Deadline

If you hold your LEOcoins on your LEO back-office platform, there is nothing you need to do, as all the LEOcoins have already been upgraded to the new LEOcoin ERC20 token

If you still hold any previous LEOcoins on your personal desktop or mobile LEOcoin wallets please upgrade them to the new LEOcoin NOW.

First you will need an Ethereum wallet. If you don’t have one, then we have guides to 3 suggested options here When you have your Ethereum wallet, go here to upgrade your old LEOcoin holdings

You may find this guide “LEOcoin Upgrade a step-by-step guide”, helpful as well.

Do it before September 24th, 23:59 UTC. There will be no further extension.


我们延长了截止日期 如果您在LEO后台平台上持有LEOcoin,则无需任何操作,因为所有LEO币已经升级为新的LEOcoin ERC20代币 如果您仍然在您的个人电脑或电话LEOcoin钱包上保留任何以前的LEOcoin,请立即将它们升级到新的LEOcoin。 首先,你需要一个以太坊钱包。如果你没有,那么我们在这里提供3个建议选项的指引 当您有以太坊钱包时,请登上 https://upgrade2erc20.leocoin.org升级旧的LEOcoin 您可能会发现本指南“如何升级到新的LEOcoin,这是一个循序渐进的指引”,也很有帮助。 92423:59 UTC前完成。不再延期。