Executive Trip – extended qualification

Great news, the qualification period for the Executive trip has been extended to 31 March 2019.

So if you reach Executive between 1 July 2018 and 31 March 2019 you will qualify for the 2019 Executive Trip

More great news. The next Executive Trip will take place in Cambodia.

From 2019, there will only be one Executive trip every year allowing us to provide an even greater experience to more new Executives at the one event. Qualify and you will receive great training and meet many of the other new Executives.

執行官之旅 – 達標期延長

好消息,執行官之旅的達標期已延長至2019年3月31日。 如果你在2018年7月1日到2019年3月31日期间达标执行官就会达标参加2019执行官之旅! 更好的是,下次的執行官之旅會在柬埔寨舉行。 从2019年开始,每年只会举行一次的执行官之旅,这令我们能够在一次的活动中,集合更多的执行官,提供更好的体验。达标后,您将可参加我们精心安排的培训,并与其他新的执行官交流。