Ghousia Taj – An Excellent Senior Executive With LEO

From her base in South East London, she has successfully managed to both build an impressive business and achieve a healthy work–life balance. Business for Home asked:

What led you to join LEO?
As I used to be a teacher, I was really impressed by the idea of teaching entrepreneurship and the amazing training products LEO offers.

What is the key to your success?
Hard work – not just my hard work but that of my team. Believing that you will succeed is also important, but this alone is not enough, as action is required so I have learned to use the great tools LEO provides and focus on my goals every day.

How has LEO changed your life?
My work is recognised by awards and promotions, which is incredible. The best thing I have got from joining LEO is the recognition, love and great respect I receive from my team members, which is priceless.

How does this fit in with your family life?
I initially struggled a bit to achieve a good work–life balance but I was eventually successful. Everything is possible with determination. Now my family is very supportive and understanding.

What advice would you give to others?
Have a willingness to learn as you go. I would also say that the most important ingredient for a successful business is passion. Don’t ignore any advice you get from your leaders. You should also encourage and motivate your team members and be sure to listen to them. Always be positive, coachable, presentable, motivated and have patience.

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