Global Associate Meeting 10 February

We have been working on the new web site that will be your portal into the LEOcoin 4 conversion process.

We have taken our first step on the journey to an improved LEOcoin with a reduction in the total supply of LEOcoin to 21,000,000. You can see this through the token tracker on the site. Follow this link to

We have set up the new contract address for LEOcoin4.

The process will ensure that your holding of LEOcoin4 will be the same percentage of the block chain as your holding of LEOcoin3. So if your holding of LEOcoin3 is 1% of the blockchain then your LEOcoin4 holding will still be 1% of the blockchain.

The Ethereum wallet you use to hold your LEOcoin3 will accept the new LEOcoin4. When we start the migration on 20 February you will send us your current wallet address and we will swap your LEOcoin3 holding for LEOcoin4.

You will have 90 days to swap your holdings.

We are working on a new set of LEOcoin4 product packages.

We are working on a new project.
We are committed to what we have, as well as driving this new initiative.
This is the biggest project we have ever undertaken. It is going to be ground breaking and revolutionary, just like LEO was in 2012. This will be bigger than Cryptocurrency and bigger than training and bigger than direct selling. It will put us firmly as a number one player in our marketplace. We will learn a little more about this project each week with the big announcements being made in April.