Global Associate Meeting 13 March 2017

Dan is just back from Dubai where he attended the Executive conference.

LEOcoin is 1,000 days old: who would have thought that when we launched a digital currency to help entrepreneurs avoid bank and money transmission charges we would have built up such an ecosystem?
We have over 200,000 Members and Merchants using it, over 20,000 trading it on LEOxChange, dozens of exchanges quoting it around the world and trading volumes exceeding $1,000,000 in one day.
We look forward to the next 1,000 because of the exciting promise of ‘The Upgrade’.  The Upgrade is all about the technology behind LEOcoin; improving the blockchain that LEOcoin runs on allowing LEOcoin to be used in ways that no other digital currency has before

Family Friendly Working featured an article on using Social Media platforms; advice which we have given at Member meetings. It is very important that Members use the LEO Social Media Policy before they start developing their on-line presence. We are mentioned as leading the way in the use of social media.

Magnus Larsson is presenting Discover LEO in Slovenia and Croatia, so the least we could do was help with the marketing. Know anyone on these countries? Then send them along and let us know at so we can treat them as you would want us to.

Asia tour
World-class trainer, Andy Hansen, who is considered by many to be the UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker and Sales Trainer is presenting LEO at Live Seminars across Asia.
On 25 March he will be in Chengdu, China; 27 March in Tian Jin, China; 29 March in Shangdong (Ji Nan), China; 31 March in Manila, Philippines; 1 April in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and finally on 2 April in Ha Noi, Vietnam.
If you have a team or contacts near one of the venues, please invite them. If you are serious about building business in China, Philippines or Vietnam then purchase a ticket for each of your prospects, send it to them along with this information. Let us know at and we will make sure they receive the correct attention whilst they are with us.
Get your tickets whist they are still available.  WE ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT IN THE 3 CENTRES IN CHINA ALREADY.

Become an Entrepreneur. Engr Saleem, organised a training session in Pakistan on 10 March 2017 to which 100 LEO Members attended. Congratulations to all involved, from the pictures in the Gallery, it looks like a fantastic event.

Leaders are conducting some events in Malaysia in preparation for the Malaysian Market. Organised by Ms. Arlene Aurelio with the help of Ms. Cyril Rabago. Congratulations to them both. The pictures are in the Gallery.

Dubai Executive Meeting. We had our biggest event to date: 75 Executives from 11 countries. Serious training and lifestyle events combined – sharing the Dubai larger than life experience. Leadership meetings were held, both for corporate getting to know about Leaders and for Leaders to get closer to LEO Corporate staff.

There is a high quality line-up of speakers and trainers at the LEO Global Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur. Almost the entire Board of LEO will be there to share their knowledge and experience and, as we normally expect, make some significant announcements. Make sure your registration details are complete and accurate. We need to organise things our end and the more notice we get the more opportunity we have to make this trip one you will remember for always.


If you did not qualify but still want to join us for the training sessions alone, then you can. The ‘Nick of Time’ training days ticket is £1,000.  This will only be available whilst we still have space.

We shared some of the details of THE UPGRADE with the Leaders in Dubai.

We are working on the next level of LEOcoin wallet functionality which we will launch at the Global Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

– integration with LEOxChange
– encrypted messaging over a private network on a file sharing basis
– Transactions will be anonymous and totally private too.
– Buy and sell LEOcoin within the wallet; so you can transact peer to peer as well as through LEOxChange and other public venues.
– You can send payments directly from the wallet. Choose to go the public route via the blockchain or private network through LEOcoin.
– Chat. Text messaging between you and another Member. Total security through passwords, encryption and 2FA and total privacy.

See the details

Smart app

The app has passed the tests and QA with Apple iOS and Android app stores so we are ready for the launch on Dan’s birthday on 16 March.

Preview of LEO Smart 4.0 app

The latest list of new features was revealed including
– Extra languages
– 2FA
– Downloads specifically to help develop prospects
– TV and video streaming
– Reporting. Everything you need to run and monitor your business
– A new look and feel

See the recording for all the screens shots

Call to Action

The 12 Month Value Pack Member, This offer may only last for a few weeks.

If you did not qualify but want to join us in some capacity at the GAC in Kuala Lumpur, then whilst there are tickets available, you can get a ‘Nick of Time’ ticket for £1,000. Come along if you want to be amongst the first to learn the detail of The Upgrade.

The LEO Smart 3.0 app will be here on 16th.

Join us next week at the same time to get further updates on all things LEO.

Including a prview of THE UPGRADE and LEO Smart 4.0 app