Global Associate Meeting 17 July 2017

The meeting was led by Geoff Round as Dan Andersson was travelling.

President’s month started on 5 July 2017 and lasts until 2 August 2017, everyone can qualify for a £500 bonus.  All you have to do is recruit a new Member and help them achieve Associate Rank before 2 August. When they achieve Associate, you will receive a £500 bonus in your Ownership account and they will ALSO receive an extra £500 on top of their Associate Award. There is no limit to the number of times you can get this £500 award, keep on recruiting new members and helping them achieve Associate Rank. Take Action Right Now. Focus on achieving this bonus as many times as you can! An incentive this good may never come again. Of course this award will help towards Mauritius qualification.

With the LEOcoin Private Chat wallet you have until 21st July to upgrade your LEOcoins. If you hold LEOcoin on the LEO Back Office, then when you next login to the LEOcoin Member Platform you can choose to Upgrade your LEOcoins.
If you hold LEOcoin on external exchanges like Livecoin, DABTC or LEOxChange, then you do not need to do anything. Your LEOcoin will be automatically upgraded.
If you hold any LEOcoin on an external desktop wallet or a mobile wallet, you need to download the new LEOcoin wallet. This new wallet is available for download at Once you have a new wallet, you need to go to and swap your old LEOcoin for new LEOcoin. The only thing that you need to ensure is that by the 21st July, all of the LEOcoins that you have are held on the Upgrade Wallet and that the new wallet is synchronised.

The app for smart entrepreneurs. Running a business from home can be highly fulfilling, but can also leave you frazzled and frantically juggling your life. So, any clever tools that help make it easier to succeed are invaluable. Proving popular with LEO Members around the globe, it has found great favour in India, where Members have embraced its use. As Nilanshu Seth, based in Lucknow, India, explains: ‘Since the Smart app launched, it has become a game changer for me and my team. This app is awesome, unique and best in class. Thanks to Dan Andersson and his team for this revolutionary product’. Swedish LEO Leader, Magnus Larsson, echoes this sentiment, saying: ‘Since the launch of the LEO Smart app, I have seen my team go from strength to strength. It is a very easy but powerful way to reach new people’. Rachiele David, a LEO Leader in the Philippines, also says: ‘The LEO Smart app has been a great tool to expand our market because it is boundless’.

Dan Andersson and Amir Barlass are recognised for their contributions to the UK direct selling industry by Startup Business.  Dan has been in the direct selling industry for over 30 years and is recognised for his excellent leadership qualities. Amir Barlas, is one of our Leaders. He was awarded Mentor of the Year at the Stars of Direct Selling Awards at UK DSA Annual meeting. This accolade recognises the direct seller who has given support and time to their team, as well as running an effective and successful direct selling business themselves.  Amir was commended for his enthusiasm and continued support of his team, regularly travelling throughout the UK to help them achieve the best results possible and fulfil their dreams of becoming excellent direct sellers. We recommend duplication, so it will be no surprise that we hold Amir up as one of the people you should duplicate.

Running your own business will require hard graft. LEO combines all things entrepreneurial to enable you to gain top skills training and you can earn while you learn. In addition, if you have a burning business idea and are looking for crowdfunding LEO provides its very own pioneering platform – LEOcrowd. It includes funding via digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and LEOcoin, which effectively opens up a new world of international funding possibilities.

Dan and Paul Southworth OBE DL, LEO Advisory Board member and former Chairman of UK DSA, and part of the team developing the DSA community in Europe presented the LEO opportunity at the Oxford Belfry on 15 July. 50 UK Members and guests engaged with a Discover LEO presentation which was followed by Member Recognition and new Rank award winners received their awards from Dan.

If you are holding a meeting, please send the pictures to us

888 means 8 cities in 8 days and 8 Discover LEO. This is your chance to meet Dan Andersson, CEO and Andy Hansen, LEO Training Consultant in 8 cities in China! Not only will you be able to meet Dan and Andy, we also have an amazing LEOcoin prize draw that you will be entered into. You have the chance to win 888 LEOcoin! Every Member who attends a LEO Live Seminar event and brings a guest who joins LEO as a Member during the event will be added into the prize draw. At just £125, now is the time to book your LEO 888 Live Seminar Tour ticket, and bring some friends too!
Are you developing a business in China? Get a message to your contacts and ask what availability they have to attend. If you really want to make progress in China, get the date in their diary and send them a ticket.

The LEO Live Seminar in Pakistan will be led by Waqas Suhail, General Manager, Dubai Region. He will be supported by Kamran Khan Ghori, LEO Manager Operations Pakistan and Rashid Alam, Pakistan DSA and LEO Member. The events will be held in Karachi on 5 August 2017 and Lahore on 6 August 2017. Full details on location will follow shortly. Tickets cost £125 or you can use your Live Seminar ticket allocation from your Value Packs.

Are you developing a business in Pakistan? Get a message to your contacts and ask what availability they have to attend. If you really want to make progress in Pakistan, get the date in their diary and send them a ticket.

Dan Andersson LEO CEO will be in Paris on 30 September 2017. Other speakers, agenda and venue to be announced. Reserve the date.

Are you developing a business in France? Get a message to your contacts and ask what availability they have to attend. If you really want to make progress in France, get the date in their diary and send them a ticket.

There are 3 ways to get to Mauritius without having to pay. The dedicated web site has full details of what to expect and how to qualify.  Terms & Conditions apply.  Full details are on the Carnival website.  154 rooms are left. But as you will notice, the count is falling rapidly and the number of Members who are close is increasing and they are getting closer every day. Don’t miss out. If you needed reminding why you should be working hard to qualify.  1st LEO Holiday & 6th Annual Global Conference will be held 4 May to 11 May 2018 will surely be “7 Nights in Paradise”. Members and their families can expect 6 days of fun & relaxation and 2 days of world class conference in the exclusive LEO Resort. It is all inclusive: Food and Beverage, Sports and Activities available to all at no cost. There are 306 Members who are close to qualification and there are only 154 rooms left. We cannot get 306 people into 154 rooms!! There will be some very sad and disappointed people. Make sure it is not you and not any of your team.

Every Thursday Andy Hansen runs a Getting Started webinar for new and existing Members who would like to be trained in every aspect of how to get Members started. The training focusses on how to help them to reach the rank of Associate in their first 30 days. Both Dan and Andy will provide the hints and tips you need that are based on over 40 years experience. You can register for the English LEO Getting Started Webinar which is held every Thursday at 2:00 PM London time.  Chinese speakers can register for their own language LEO Getting Started Webinar which is held every Thursday at 1:00 PM London time [8PM China time]. Look out for the email inviting you to attend. Pass it on to anyone who you think would benefit – especially make sure new Members know this is available. In preparation, we recommend that everyone downloads and reviews the Getting Started Guide so that they are ready. Select your own language Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese. Pass the link to your team. Spread the word using #LEOSystem.

This guide is a definite help for Members wanting to qualify for Mauritius or wanting to receive their £500 President’s incentive!

There are less than 30 days to go to the launch of LEO Banking. It will be the first digital currency banking platform in the world. Another first for LEO. It will be HUGE. We can’t wait to hear more. LEO Banking Ownership Platform is open, of course. You can purchase pre-shares in your Back Office Ownership section. We plan to have the first dividend distribution at a LEO Banking meeting as part of the Annual Global Conference Mauritius in 2018. With the President’s week bonus of £500 the decision on whether to participate in the LEO Banking ownership opportunity will soon be coming your way.

Dark Tea. One of our favourite projects is nearing its required funding level. We are asking Members who have not done so, to pledge just a little, to help get them over the line.

Call to Action

  • Rise to the challenge of President’s Month. Get as many £500 bonus payments as you can.
  • The target is to be one of the 300. The number available is getting smaller every day. Take full advantage. Qualify for your free tickets to Mauritius.
  • Buy tickets for the Live Seminars: you, your team and guests
  • Exclusive Member Bonus – get it while you can!
  • Get the LEO Smart 3.0 app. Build your teams!
  • Download the new LEOcoin wallet from and exchange your LEOcoin by 21 July

Be sure to join us next week at the same time to get all the latest LEO updates. Thank you for your patience today. Please note that the link to this webinar series has changed as a result of the technical problems we had.

2017年 7月 17日 华人领导人网络研讨会

这次会议由亚太区副总经理 李紫仟 主持。  总裁月由2017年7月5日直至 2017年8月2日,每人都可以达标获得500英镑奖金。只须要做的是招募1位新会员,并帮助他们在8月2日前晋升为经理级别。当他们成为经理,您可在拥有权帐户获得500英镑奖金,而他们除了获得经理级别奖励,亦同样得到这500英镑。这次500英镑奖金次数不设上限;所以您可以尽力招募新会员,并且帮助他们成为经理级。现在就采取行动,专注获取无限次数奖金!这样难得激励的机会是千载难逢。 要有LEOcoin私聊钱包,您必须在7月至7月21日期间,将所有的系统和交易都由目前的LEOcoin转为升级的LEOcoin。升级后的公开区块链在这里:   您可以在LEOcoin Facebook页面和其它社交媒体渠道上看到更多更新消息。相关指南在这里 。 你需要做什么? 如果您在LEO 后台上持有 LEOcoin,那么当您下次登录 LEOcoin 会员平台时,您可以选择升级 LEOcoin。 如果您在诸如 Livecoin,DABTC或 LEOxChange 之类的外部交易平台上持有LEOcoin,那么您不需要做任何事情; 您的 LEOcoin 将自动升级。如果您在外部桌面钱包或手机钱包上持有任何 LEOcoin,则需要下载新的 LEOcoin 钱包。 这个新的钱包可以在LEOcoin.org下载。 下载新的钱包之后,您需要在 上将老LEOcoin兑换成新的LEOcoin。将您的旧LEOcoin交换为新的LEOcoin。 您需要确保的唯一一件事是,到7月21日前,您所有的LEOcoin都在升级后的电子钱包上保存,并且新的钱包已同步。 智能应用。开创颠覆市场的突破性解决方案以经营成功直销事业;这个应用对于全球产生的影响力:印度 勒克瑙的 Nilanshu Seth 说: ‘自从这个智能应用启动,它对我及团队是一个革新。这个应用非常棒、独特及在同类最了不起’;瑞典 Magnus Larsson说: ‘自从这个智能应用启动后,我观察的是团队日益壮大。这是一个易用但能接触新人威力强大的工具’;菲律宾 Rachiele David 说: ‘智能应用是一个开拓市场极具威力的工具,因为它不受边界限制’ 丹·安德森及 Amir Barlass 在受英国直销协会 表扬他们作出的贡献。Amir Barlass获得英国直销协会颁发 “年度最佳导师奖”赞赏他的热心及不遗余力帮助团队完成最佳目标,以至达成优秀直销家的梦想。我们推荐您使用这么棒的复制系统!! LEO 结合所有企业家的原素 -- 由上乘的技巧培训至在学习中赚取回报的机会;如想获得炙手可热的商机及寻找众筹,LEO 正提供这个领先的平台 – LEO众筹;它包括通过比特币及 LEOcoin 筹集资金,以开拓一个全世界融资渠道。 在2017年7月15日在英国举办 “发现LEO” 。LEO 首席执行官 丹‧安德森 联同LEO 顾问委员会成员及大英帝国官佐勋章获得者 保罗‧索思沃 在 牛津钟塔 举办这次活动。议程包括:“发现 LEO”、会员表扬及荣誉奖励。 请预留在巴黎于2017年9月30日这一天。LEO首席执行官 丹·安德森日内公布其他讲者、议程及场地。您是否想在法国开拓市场? 把这个讯息与您朋友分享 8天,8个城市的8场“发现LEO 活动” 将由 LEO 首席执行官 丹‧安德森和有着非凡的中国演讲经验的 安迪 ‧汉森 作为主持人。 您是否正在中国开展业务? 给您的联系人发送消息,询问他们是否能安排参与活动。 如果您非常希望在中国取得进展,让您的联系人在日志中标出这一天,并给他们送一张门票。这次是与 LEO总裁 丹 及培训专家安廸在中国8个城市见面的难得机会;另外更可获得 LEOcoin抽奖机会。您可以有机会赢得 888 枚 LEOcoin!每位会员带来1位来宾参加便可获得抽奖机会。只需要125英镑,现在就购买 LEO 888 现场研讨会门票,并多带朋友出席! 2017年10月执行官之旅将于2017年10月6日到10日期间在迪拜开启。执行官之旅的达标期已在6月30日截止。达标者应已在7月14日前换领门票,否则便不能前往。如果是执行官级别及以上,亦应已在7月14日前购票,只需1,800英镑* 购买套票。 详情请浏覧网站:。  随时掌握最新动态,查看日程、培训师和精品生活相关活动,以及有关签证要求的使用信息。 获得毛里求斯之旅免费门票的第一种方法已经结束 。 不要错过第二种方法 。您仍然可以通过方法二获得七晚天堂之旅。特设网站已经列出详细资料及介绍如何达标。毛里求斯之旅仍然有三种免费参加的方式。专门的网站 有完整的细节,包括活动细节和如何达标: 达标期为2017年5月1日至10月31日。 亲自介绍2名新的LEO会员加盟并帮助他们在2017年10月31日前获得经理荣衔的会员将获得一张2018年毛里求斯活动的免费门票。会员可以亲自推荐2名以上的新会员,但其中至少有两人在2017年10月31日前需获得经理荣衔。适用条款与条件 : 新加盟会员可以通过2个途径获得前往毛里求斯的免费门票。方法三:亲自介绍一位新的LEO会员加盟并帮助他们在成为会员后的30天内即获得经理荣衔的新会员将获得2018年毛里求斯之旅的一张免费门票。可以亲自推荐1名以上的会员,但其中至少有一人在成为会员的30天内需获得经理荣衔。如果某位新会员在亲自介绍了2名新会员加盟且这两名新会员都在成为会员的30天内获得了经理荣衔,则作为推荐人的会员还可以为其伴侣赢得一张门票。 方法四:亲自介绍2名新的 LEO 会员加盟并在2017年10月31日前帮助他们升至经理荣衔,您即可获得一张2018年参加毛里求斯活动的免费门票。会员可以亲自介绍2名以上的会员加盟,但其中至少有两人在2017年10月31日前需获得经理荣衔。适用条款与条件: 再次提示大家:首次 LEO假期 & 第六届全球年会议在2018年5月4日至5月11日举办,将会肯定是7睌天堂之旅;6天的欢乐享受及2天的世界级会议;LEO 专享度假村 -- LEO 会员和家庭成员参加,全包服务包括:餐饮、运动与活动。我们尚有306位会员最后冲刺,但是房间剩余154间;我们怎能把306人塞进154间房。 由安廸·汉森 举办入门指南网络研讨会,于每周四为了想要接受会员业务入门和各方面培训内容的新老会员参加;特别是帮助他们在前30天达到经理职位。而我们更邀请到丹·安德森—起参加。每次会议将在英国时间14:00举行,另一场在13:00也就是中国时间20:00以英语进行,配中文翻译。请注意查收邀请信和网络研讨会的链接。作为前期工作,我们建议每个人下载并查看入门指南,以做好充分准备。 选择您的语言版本中文: 对于希望获得参加毛里求斯活动资格的会员,这一指南一定会大有帮助。 请务必使用!通过#LEOSystem传播这一消息。 LEO 银行所有权平台现已开放。完成销售后您可得到奖励,而现在您可以选择用自己的所有权奖励购买 LEOcoin 或 LEO 银行的预售股权。您可通过后台的所有权版块购买预售股权。我们计划在2018年毛里求斯全球年度大会期间的LEO银行会议上提供第一次分红。运用总裁的500英镑奖励,您可以考虑投入将有的LEO银行拥有权机会。 立即行动:

  • 接受总裁月的挑战。获得无限次数的500英镑奖励。
  • 毛里求斯:目标是成为300之一。每天的名额都在减少。 充分利用。 努力达标,获得毛里求斯的免费门票。
  • 为您、您的团队和嘉宾购买现场研讨会入场券
  • 会员专享奖励—— 抓紧时间,马上获取!
  • 获取 LEO 智能 APP 3.0版本。打造你的团队!
  • 从LEOcoin.org下载新的LEOcoin钱包,并于7月21日之前兑换LEOcoin
下周同一时间,请您务必参加我们的网络研讨会,了解所有 LEO 的最新资讯。