Global Associate Meeting 18 November

Unclaimed Rank Awards

The option to claim Bronze, Silver and Gold Rank Awards through the Member Back Office banner for those Members who have achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold rank before 21 September 2019 will be available from 20 November until 31 December 2019. Those who have not claimed their Rank Awards due are requested to avail themselves of this opportunity and claim their pending Rank Awards.
If you don’t claim by end of LEO day 31 December 2019 you will lose all unclaimed rank awards.

2020 Vision

We will be holding meetings around the world to present the vision we have in place for both the LEO business and for LEOcoin. The initial plan for spreading the world is

  • China, India and Egypt in February 2020
  • Baku, Azerbaijan in March 2020

Look out for the emails that will give details of timing, agenda, speakers, location and joining instructions.


We are offering 2 nights accommodation with breakfast, lunch and evening meals included. You will get to be part of the 2020 Vision Seminar & Rally. There will be a £200 Travel Bonus as a contribution to your travel costs.
All you have to do to qualify and earn one free place is to earn £700 in Direct Commissions between 1 November 2019 and 31 December 2019. Terms and conditions apply. Details coming soon. At the event we will be giving the full view of the LEO business strategy and the plan for LEOcoin.

Follow us on social media. Share the links. Share the message. Watch the video. Join us for the next GAM meeting on 25 November 2019 at 3pm GMT/UTC.