Global Associate Meeting 30 December

Review of 2019

LEO run events included Digital Currency events and LEO Causes related visits, Discover LEO events, LEO Live Seminars and Member organized events around the world. The GAC in Brazil, Executive meeting in Cambodia and the Momentum Tour in Asia Pacific. The launch of LEOcoin3, the Causes token and LEOcoin4. The 10 10 10 programme, the new Marketing Plan and new @ndersson product set.

2020 Vision

In 2020 there are many opportunities for us all. It is important that we decide on what we really want to achieve and focus on that list.

Training is our core business. We will build on our reputation and our success to date in this market. We will build an education business second to none. We will deliver mega-seminars; develop “train the trainer” seminars hat will create an army of educators. As an educator yourself you will be able to use what you learn and use the assets we give you to develop your business really effectively. This will be under the branding of @ndersson.

There will be a renewed drive behind LEOcoin and Causes

We will expand into new programmes: our first is a Realtor Training Programme that we will pilot in Dubai region. We will create, through training and accreditation, an army of real estate agents for you to earn income in the property market.

In summary:

  • We have a community and that community has a digital currency.
  • We have a cause and that cause has a digital currency.
  • We will carry on driving.

Call to Action

  • Take stock
  • Define what you want:
  1. Decide
  2. Commit
  3. Focus

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Join us for the next GAM meeting on 6 January 2020 at 3pm GMT/UTC.