Global Associate Meeting 5 February 2018

This week’s meeting was led by Dan Andersson LEO CEO starting with our favourite subject, Recognition. The Limited-Edition Collector’s Item and the first reward for those holding a DMS, was followed by Elite+ Wallet launch, a review of recent press coverage. Lastly Dan reviewed last week’s events and a reminder on forthcoming events.

Delighted to announce that we have 4 members to congratulate this week.
3 Directors from the Asia Pacific Region. Mingduo Zhen, Xiao Ming Ye (Christine) and Bei Yi Wang; and a Marketing Director from the Dubai Region, Muhammad Kashif Kahut.

LEO Gold will take our business to the next level. It adds an element of tangibility to the LEO business, and it fits so well with entrepreneurship.  The full range of Gold Packs is now available and we are shipping all packs now. This is a very attractive set of packages with the physical gold bar. You can see the large comparison of the price to value for each pack.

  • LEO 1 Month Gold Pack  price is £200 (160 BP & 160 RP) Value £700
  • LEO 4 Month Gold Pack price is £1000 (800 BP & 800 RP) Value £4000
  • LEO 12 Month Gold Pack price is £2000 (1600 BP & 1600 RP) Value £8355 All packs include Live Seminar tickets, give access to Coreline education and to 3 Gold Educational Courses which will introduce you to the benefits of acquiring gold. FAQs are available on the web site and complete details are in the Terms & Conditions document available as you purchase.

The VERY FIRST LEO Gold Limited Edition Collector’s Item is available. There is only a very limited number available which adds extra value to the LEO Gold Limited Edition Collector’s item. Purchasing a 12 Month Pack allows you to secure yours by using the Limited-Edition Collector’s Item 10% Discount Card. This not only gives you a discounted price, but allows you to reserve yours ahead of the general release date. The LEO Gold Limited-Edition Collector’s Item is a uniquely designed gold coin which will be first viewed at our Global Annual Conference in Mauritius. Those who purchase the gold coin and are going to Mauritius will be able to receive it first at the event. For everyone else who has purchased it, this will be shipped from our UK distribution centre. The LEO Gold Limited-Edition Collector’s Item will be released on an Annual basis and will celebrate historical milestones of LEO. This will be the first in a 5-coin collection and everybody who purchases the first coin will receive an especially designed presentation box where each of the 5 coins can be stored. If you have purchased a 12 Month Gold Pack, using the pre-order facility will give you a clear advantage as well as the 10% discount. The Gold Packs are just the first step. We have a lot of exciting things planned. In March 2018 – which is not that far off – we will launch AutoSave. What is that? It is a way to save for gold assets with a regular plan.

Rewards for the first Digital Market Service period were paid out on 31 January. Members who bought by 14 November 2017 have received either 0.0472 BTC or 0.4294 ETH (whichever they chose). This was credited either to their wallet (if attached) or to their ledger on their DMS page. The equivalent value is £352 GBP based on the exchange rate from exchange at the time the award was distributed. Purchase a DMS from 1 February up to and including 28 February then we expect that the contract will start on 1 May with the reward due on 31 May 2018.

Work continues on the LEOcoin project and we are delighted to announce that we have just launched LEO Elite+ the latest LEOcoin wallet for Android mobiles. It is now available to download from Google Play and from the Apps page on the LEO web site. Members can load the mobile Elite+ with LEOcoins, whenever they need, using their desktop wallet. LEO ELite+ is great for Leaders and Members to have with them, to show how LEOcoin (and cryptocurrency in general) can be used quickly and easily to make purchases and for making transfers between themselves, phone to phone, using the built in QR scanner. Please use this App with caution and do not keep all your LEOcoins on your mobile. Best strategy is to keep just a few coins on a mobile, for safety reasons and because LEOcoin Proof of Stake reward only works with desktop wallets, which are available on

Engineer Muhammad Saleem originally joined LEO in 2012, the year the organisation was launched, and quickly achieved Executive rank. However, in 2014, he decided to leave and joined a US-based direct selling company, but rapidly regretted his decision. Re-joining LEO in March 2015, he started again from the bottom and has now worked his way up to Marketing Director rank. So, to find out what makes this highly successful LEO leader tick, he was asked some searching questions:

  1. What is the secret to your success with LEO and how has this changed your life?
    One of the benefits that LEO’s training has personally provided me with is how to stay positive and that is the biggest secret to my success. The second secret is consistency – I stick with my goals no matter what the circumstances are. Third, and last, is my desire to learn more every day.
  2. What inspired you to join LEO and what do you like most about the company?
    Back in 2010, before the launch of LEO, I attended some entrepreneurship training given by Dan Andersson, LEO CEO, in Pakistan. Based on his motivating words, it was easy to take the decision to join LEO.
  3. What motivates you to succeed in your LEO business?
    LEO’s learning model has helped me to learn lots of new things about life, as well as earn and stay motivated.
  4. What would be your advice to anyone who wants to succeed in the industry, and what do you think makes a good leader?
    It is important that you select a mentor from your upline. In my experience, the majority of people who become successful in this industry do so because they have a mentor. Direct selling is not an overnight get-rich scheme, but requires you to work consistently in the right direction, with positivity, and attend training.
  5. Finally, what are your plans for the future?
    I am planning to conduct an Advanced Leadership Training event for the top 300 leaders in my team, so that I can teach them what I have learned in my past eight years in the industry.

To read the full interview go to the Business for Home web site

Abbottabad Pakistan. Training 28 January 2018 was organised by Wasiq Chughtai, Zubair Khan Jadoon, and Asif Awan at the Manak Hotel. They were supported by Tariq Mehmood and Muhammad Shafique Magray.

Have you submitted your flight information for the LEO First Holiday and 6th Global Annual Conference in Mauritius? Travel dates are 4 May to 11 May. Please note that if you travel outside of these dates you will be responsible for the costs and transfers. If you have not yet done it, book your flights and enter the details in the back office! If you have any questions, please contact

LEO Marrakech Executive trip! Qualified? Or have you bought in? Make sure you have booked your flights and entered the details in on the ticket. There will be a hot air balloon trip scheduled so that you can see the sun rise over this amazing landscape and there will also be a private tour of Marrakech. As with all LEO Executive trips you will receive some amazing training and be the first to hear some special announcements. More details will follow shortly. Contact for any enquiries, or visit the LEO Executive website.

10 February 2018, Andy Hansen will be holding a Live Seminar at the Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport. Just a few tickets left. They cost £125 or 1 Live Seminar ticket from the Value Pack. To use a Live Seminar ticket, choose ‘Payment via Value Pack’ at the checkout. Remember you can also use one of your Live Seminar vouchers to bring (or send) a guest. Make sure you print off your ticket and bring it with you on Saturday.

Please note these LEO Office closures
Canada: 19 February 2018 for Family Day
Hong Kong and China: 15 to 21 February 2018 for the Chinese New Year

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  • LEO Gold Limited-Edition Collector’s Item. Pre-order if you have bought the 12 Month Pack
  • Use the Digital Market Service to recruit and earn.
  • Buy tickets for the Live Seminars – you, your team and guests. Use these fabulous events to develop your business in Get a message to your contacts and ask what availability they have to attend.
    Remember that as it is a Live Seminar you can use one of your Value Pack tickets to come along yourself, and to bring (or send) a guest. To use a Live Seminar ticket, choose ‘Payment via Value Pack’ at the checkout. If you have any questions relating to any of our events, please contact