Global Associate Meeting 6 January 2020

Vision is based on 3 precepts that we will focus upon

  1. Training is our core business
  2. Drive LEOcoin and Causes
  3. Expand into new programmes


Our intention is to become the number 1 training company. We will run Personal Development Seminars; Train the Trainer Programmes to allow you, the Members, to be proficient in delivering the LEO message; and Masterclass Training. This will be delivered through regional and local events and via audio podcasts, e-learning and books.

The initial schedule is China, India and Egypt in February 2020 and Baku, Azerbaijan in March 2020.

Look out for the emails that will give details of timing, agenda, speakers, location and joining instructions.

LEOcoin and Causes

We have a community that is engaged with a digital currency. We have a cause that is engaged with a digital currency. We will continue to engage with the legal and political communities around the world to influence them as they develop their rules and legislation. Success will come from engaging with the community.

Causes trading.
Causes is still showing positive trends and the interest continues to be strong.

New Programmes

Our first innovation for 2020 is a Realtor Training Programme. The pilot is in Dubai region. We will create, through Member training and accreditation, an army of real estate agents that can earn income in the property market. Once we are satisfied with the effectiveness of the programme we will roll it out to the rest of the world.

Call to Action

  • Take stock
  • Define what you want:
  1. Decide
  2. Commit
  3. Focus