Global Associate Meeting webinar 2 October 2017

This week’s meeting was led by Ursa Zivkovic, Product Directoras  Dan Andersson LEO CEO is at the World Fédération of Direct Selling Association. The meeting started with a reminder that the route to Mauritius is now simpler, so take full advantage before all the rooms go. This was followed by an update on LEO Banking and LEO Gold Vault, a look at the latest news on LEOcoin and the latest details on the extremely busy events schedule. New product updates followed and we finished with an appeal to help children in St Martin and Dominica

MAURITIUS QUALIFICATION. ROUTE ONE IS BACK ON! This means this is your last chance to qualify for 7 nights in Paradise for Free! To qualify for your ticket, you must personally sponsor one new Member (one who joined from 1st May 2017 up to and including 31st October 2017) AND help them to achieve the Rank of Associate by the close of LEO day on 31st October 2017. Double up and you can bring your spouse/partner too. Remember that once the exclusive LEO Resort is full, the promotion will end and this could happen before the 31st October. So don’t delay and get to work today!  There are only 93 rooms left. They are going fast. The number of Members who have qualified is increasing daily and so are the numbers who are close. The chance of getting a room is reducing daily. So, don’t be the one to miss out!  The competition is fierce. There is no way we can get 506 people into the remaining 93 rooms, there will be some very disappointed people. Just make sure it is not you or any of your team Members! What you are competing for? The 1st LEO Holiday and 6th Annual Global Conference, which will be taking place on 4 May to 11 May 2018, it will surely be “7 Nights in Paradise”, and If you need any reminding why you should be working hard to qualify for it, Members and their families can expect 6 days of fun and relaxation and 2 days of world-class conference in the exclusive LEO Resort. It is all inclusive, with food and beverage, as well as sports and activities available to all at no cost. Watch the video to see just what to expect.

With the motto ‘BY THE MEMBERS, FOR THE MEMBERS’, LEO Banking will be operated for the benefit of the Members and the Members will play a big part in what services are offered. This is a groundbreaking and disruptive initiative, and is the latest in a long line of innovations LEO has made, including LEOcoin and LEOcrowd. Please visit the LEO Banking website to watch the video that explains what is driving this initiative and what we aim to achieve with it. Register your interest in becoming one of the ‘Founding Members’ of this fantastic opportunity. The first project of LEO Banking is LEO Gold Vault, which will offer a range of Gold savings product offerings. Why gold? Because in an increasingly virtual world, gold is one of the few things we can be absolutely sure about. Gold. We will be offering a range of savings products aimed at meeting the needs of many types of savers world who want to own gold. Details of the gold savings products will be coming shortly, but what we can say is that like all other LEO products, these will be part of the LEO Marketing plan. In the meantime, please take a look at the dedicated LEO Gold Vault site. This is another great tool for you to use in your business development and marketing. It provides a great reason for you to call people and get them interested in the LEO opportunity, and If you have not spoken to a contact for a while, or have received a rejection in the past, this is an excellent way to re-open the conversation – it is something brand new for LEO and unique for our industry! In an increasingly virtual world where scams can be present, the satisfaction of seeing, and touching, your investment has a certain added level of comfort that you have done the right thing.

Giving Banking a run for its money.  People often ask for a ‘primer’ on cryptocurrency and we were pleased to contribute on this subject with Talk business magazine. They said “one appealing contender, LEOcoin, introduced into the market in 2014, has held its own for several years in a sometimes fickle and unforgiving market, gradually building strength. It also offers newly enhanced security and privacy features for transactions and messaging. By using revolutionary Ring of Trust technology, LEOcoin now provides superior levels of privacy and security to protect its users, so they can send and receive coins more securely and communicate with each other more privately than ever before. In this digital age, where the right to privacy is prized but often violated, this is an invaluable benefit.” If you know people who are interested but have little exposure to the idea of digital currency, please share the link to this article.

LEO are gearing up to launch in a brand-new market. On Friday 13 October 2017, we will be holding our very first Discover LEO event in Oman at the Al Falaj Hotel-Aitkens Spence Hotels, 1692 Al Hamriya, Muscat 113. Waqas Suhail, General Manager, Dubai Region will speak on Leadership and Duplication. We have a special guest speaker in the person of LEO Regional Marketing Director Liaqat Magray! Tickets cost just £10. We also want you to bring people that you think would be interested in learning more about the LEO opportunity,  so every ticket you buy will allow 2 guests to come for free. Join us at 4PM on Friday 13 October 2017 and join the LEO Momentum! 

Paul Southworth, OBE, DL, LEO Advisory Board Member, will be taking attendees through the LEO opportunity on Sunday 21 October, in Birmingham. There will also be Member recognition in the agenda.  Tickets are available now. Seats are limited and we will not be adding more tickets, so make sure you get yours today!

As we all know from the Global Associate Meeting webinars, LEO Senior Management and, in particular, Dan Andersson, are visiting and presenting the LEO opportunity around the world. Reunion. Agenda details and location will be confirmed with you soon. Tickets cost €10. There is limited availability, so don’t delay as this event will sell out and space is limited. Tickets already issued can be used on the new date.

Mihir Magudia and Andy Hansen will be embarking on the spectacular China 30K Tour. They will be presenting the LEO opportunity in 6 cities across China, from 12 to 23 November 2017, in a trip of over 30,000 kilometres. The tour dates are as below with 2 presentations in each location – Leadership Training and Live Seminar

Sunday 12th November     Hong Kong
Tuesday 14th November   Chengdu
Thursday 16th November  Urumqi
Sunday 19th November     TangShan
Tuesday 21st November    Handan
Thursday 23rd November  Guangzhou

Tickets for all 6 locations are now available.

Andy Hansen will touring Asia in December presenting the LEO opportunity. He will be in Tokyo on 7 December, Seoul on 8 December and Taipei on 9 December.  It is still very early days so be sure to put these dates in your diary. Remember that for Tokyo and Taipei you can use one of your Live Seminar vouchers to attend and also to bring (or send) a guest.

On Saturday 8 December 2017 Mihir Magudia will be delivering ‘Discover LEO in Brazil. Details will be following soon. Put it in your diary

20 January 2018, Dan Andersson and Andy Hansen will be holding a Live Seminar in Cameroon. It is still very early days yet for this, but be sure to put it in your diary. Tickets will be £125 or 1 Live Seminar ticket from the Value Pack. To use a Live Seminar ticket, choose ‘Payment via Value Pack’ at the checkout. Remember you can also use one of your Live Seminar vouchers to bring (or send) a guest.

LEOcoin Wallet upgrade. Support of Cyrillic characters in saving a wallet. Small fixes, mostly to the screens to make them easier to understand. Introduction of an Auto-update notification. From this version onwards, whenever there is a new LEOcoin wallet available online on, you will know about it as you will get a popup notification that will prompt you to download the latest version. Will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux very soon.

New LEOcoin Mining Service. As a direct selling organisation focusing on entrepreneurs we are convinced of the beneficial aspects of digital currencies to save time, cost and add privacy. As LEO Members you know more about the subject than 99.9% of the population. But you still need to be an IT expert and digital currency guru to understand the protocols that digital currencies use. So we are convinced that investment in unique features and facilities is warranted. We will continue to compete in this world by developing facilities unique to the industry and making them available to our Members. The ‘black box’ element is needed to protect what will be our unique service.  We have been running trials and doing extensive analysis over a good period of time and we are convinced that we can provide Members with better value returns on their mining services investments with us. All will become clear as we get closer to launch.

At LEO, our mission is service to mankind through unleashing human potential. Knowledge and education is key to this belief and something we feel passionately about. As such, we have partnered with Club7 to help the children of St Martin to rebuild their future. We are looking to raise fifty thousand euros to reconstruct the children’s future and keep them in education. The money raised will provide them with all the essential tools they will need to continue their studies. Please help us by donating as much as you can towards this cause and help change a child’s life. Let’s make the legacy of Hurricane Irma, not the destruction it caused but the opportunity to educate and grow the minds of the children left in its wake. In partnership with Club 7, a group of local LEO Members, Leo Crowd has launched a crowdfunding project to raise funds for the victims of the recent extreme weather in St Martin and Dominica. Take a look at the video where Dan gives his support to this very worthwhile project.

Call to Action

  • Mauritius 2018. The route to a free ticket is simple. Personally sponsor one new Member AND help them to achieve the Rank of Associate by the close of LEO day on 31st October 2017. Make that 2 and get a ticket for your nearest and dearest. Take full advantage – Qualify for your free tickets to Mauritius before all the rooms are taken.
  • LEO Banking: Sign up as a founding Member of LEO Banking.
  • Gold savings products: Details will be coming soon, so watch your emails for the announcements!
  • LEO Smart 3.0 app: Get the LEO Smart 3.0 app – Build your teams!
  • Upgrade your LEOcoin wallet. Instructions will be sent by email
  • New Mining products: Details will be coming soon, so watch your emails for the announcements!
  • Live Seminars: Buy tickets for the Live Seminars – you, your team and guests. Use these fabulous events to develop your business in Oman, UK, Reunion, China, Tokyo, Seoul, Taiwpei, Brazil and Cameroon. Get a message to your contacts and ask what availability they have to attend.
    Remember if it is a Live Seminar you can also use one of your Value Pack tickets to come along yourself, and to bring (or send) a guest. If you have any questions relating to any of our events, please contact

2017年10月2日 全球华人领导人网络研讨会

今天会议是由 LEO 亚太地区副总经理 李紫仟 主持。我们首先提示大家达标参加毛里求斯之旅更为简单,好好利用这次机会,因为房间尚余很少。再者谈论 LEO银行服务及黄金储备最新消息, 继而再说最新LEOcoin发展情况,以至在全球频密活动时间表。另外新产品消息。最后请大家伸出援手帮助最近圣马丁及多米尼加的风暴受害者。 毛里求斯嘉年华会将会是空前绝后最伟大的活动;它达标方法—重启!这意味着是大家最后机会参加这免费7个晚上天堂之旅!达标期为2017年5月1日至10月31日。 亲自介绍一位新的LEO会员加盟并帮助他们在2017年10月31日前获得经理级别的会员将获得2018年毛里求斯活动的免费门票。若果两位成为经理级别,您更可带配偶/伴侣参加。 请记着—旦专享LEO度假村爆满,推广马上结束,而这情况肯定在10月31日前出现。因此,事不宜迟,马上行动!这将会是—个奇妙精彩活动 – LEO租下整个度假村,因此当您到达,只会见到LEO家庭及当地员工。现在 尚余93房间。 毛里求斯嘉年华活动的剩余名额每天不断减少;努力达标,赶赴现场吧 ! 这是一项热烈比赛,我们恭贺最新达标者。 LEO银行服务是一项突破性及翻天覆地的创新,我们引以为傲。我们在金融世界的理念很清晰:源于会员,忠于会员。有别于其它金融机构,我们不须像其它公司只是照顾公司投资者及股东最高回报的追求。LEO银行服务只着眼会员利益,而且会员决定提供何种服务。这是继 LEOcoin及 LEO众筹后的又—崭新服务。我们鼓励您访问 LEO Bank网站,观看什么驱动我们有这个创举及究竟我们希望达到什么目的。然后,我们诚意邀请您登记成为这个难得机遇的 '创始会员'。作为创始会员,您将会收到一个‘感谢’,这个亦是您将来收到 LEO银行回应的范例。身为创始会员,您将会对 LEO银行策略及业务计划提供意见。这正是‘源于会员,忠于会员’ 的一部分。您会对身在其中引以为荣! LEO银行服务为我们带来无限契机。当这个服务不断发展及延伸,最终是提供整个 LEO生态系统的扩展;将来 LEO银行将会是我们公司兴旺的核心。LEO银行服务将可加速我们业务成长;真正做到创新及干扰性。我们很高兴宣布 LEO银行服务的首个项目是黄金储存;它可以提供黄金储蓄产品。 为何是黄金呢?因为黄金是:

  • —向用于财富保值
  • 有效对冲通胀
  • 受惠于美元贬值
  • 是一个安全避风港
  • 是一项分散风险投资工具我们将会提供一系列储蓄产品,以满足不同储蓄人仕的素求;例如一些想把流动储蓄转换成为黄金,或者其他想加入黄金在其投资组合以分散风险,又或者制定黄金固定储蓄投资计划。这对于—些会员既想拥有黄金,但不用参与个中麻烦的行政工作,最为有用。    在不断提升的虚拟世界,充斥骗局;我们愈来愈想感觉及看到实物。您在电子钱币正确投资增加—份满足感。
  • LEO 银行拥有权平台现已开放。 您现在对于 LEO银行服务应该更加清晰,并且可以决定是否在后台拥有权部分购买优先股。我们已计划在2018年毛里求斯年会 LEO银行会议发放首次分红。请暂时到我们特设网站 LEO Gold Vault,以了解更多详情。
  • 黄金储蓄产品的细节即将公布。我们可以告知是正如其它 LEO产品,这项服务都纳入 LEO的营销计划。
  • 全球商务总监 格雷厄姆‧肯特 已被派驻廸拜。他在廸拜先来—个生日庆祝。
  • 我们于2017年 9月 26日在 马提尼克举办“加入 LEO 动力”,由全球对外关系总监 米希尔‧马格迪亚主持的发现 LEO会议。
我们于2017年 9月 27日在 瓜德罗普岛 举办加密数字货币的未来之 LEO现场研讨会。主讲者是 LEO基金执行董事 米希尔‧马格迪亚。 我们在2017年 9月 30日于巴黎举办研讨会,由LEO 首席执行官 丹‧安德森及其他讲者主持讲座。数以百计领导人及来宾参加。 有兴趣众筹 ? 想知道多些及如何运用这个业务意念 ? 最新免费活动将会于10月3日下午6:30开始。主讲者是销售培训顾问及个人成长专家 安廸.汉森 及 LEO众筹培训师及市场主任 杰夫·史派利。 廸拜执行官之旅已定于 10月6至10日举办。这将会是一次不可思议的旅程 ! 这星期将会向参加者发送日程;如果您还未参加,请确保在 12月31日前达标晋升为执行官,参加 2018年3月的 执行官之旅,电邮 在2017年10月13日星期五,我们首次在阿曼​ 举办第一次发现LEO活动。廸拜区总经理 华格斯·苏希尔   将会对领导才能及复制作出演讲。另外特别嘉宾是高级执行董事 Liaqat Magray!  门票价格:10英镑。由于我们想更多人参加,我们容许每张门票带两位来宾参加。电邮  在 10月 21日 (星期六) 于 伯明翰举办 -- LEO 顾问委员会成员及 前英国直销协会主席、大英帝国官佐勋章获得者 保罗‧索思沃 主持 发现 LEO 及会员表扬。是次门票免费。想参与 LEO 的动力,可以电邮 由LEO 首席执行官 丹‧安德森 于2017年 10月 29日主持的培训及表扬会在 留尼汪 举办。门票价格: €10。若有任何疑问,请联系 米希尔‧马格迪亚 联同安廸参加一次更为精彩的旅途;他们会在11月份展开横跨中国六个城市之行,穿梭超过30,000公里。暂定行程是:11月12日 - 香港;11月14日 - 成都;11月16日 -乌鲁木齐;11月19日 - 唐山;11月21日 - 邯郸;11月23日 - 广州。若有任何疑问,请联系 安迪·汉森将会于12月介绍LEO发展机会。他会于12月7日在日本,8日在南韩及9日在台湾;请在日记写上这些日期。请记着您可以用现场硏讨会门票参加及带来嘉宾。若有任何疑问,请联系 一次与全球对外关系总监 米希尔‧马格迪亚见面的专享难得机会,我们定于 2017年12月8日于巴西举办发现 LEO。详情稍后公布,请记在日记上。若有任何疑问,请联系 主席及首席执行官 丹 ‧ 安德森 及 销售培训顾问及个人成长专家 安廸·汉森 于2018年 1月20日在喀麦隆 举办 发现 LEO。门票价格: 125英镑 或 超值套组内的一张现场研讨会门票。 培训顾问及个人成长专家 安廸·汉森 已录制两套快速启动的视频。请到LearnEarnOwn网页的下载区 浏览,以帮助团队发展事业及建立团队。这星期在 LEO视频 以8种语言广播,请到LEO视频 参观。 12个月超值套组会员专享奖励的价格仍维持 1,500 英镑,您可访问全个教学组合、4张 现场研讨会门票,会员专享奖励 1,260 LEOcoin;这奖励立刻存入“代管账户” ,并可善用 “权益证明机制” 。这些优惠不会维持很久,不要错过机会! 智能应用 -- 开创颠覆市场的突破性解决方案以经营成功直销事业;这个应用对于全球产生的影响力,现可在小米、百度、谷歌及苹果网店及LearnEarnOwn的下载区下载。发出免费礼物,邀请您的联系人下载吧!使用此 APP 帮您达标前往毛里求斯 电子钱包:支持西里尔字符保存钱包;小修复,主要是屏幕,使他们更容易理解​;引入自动更新通知​,Windows, Mac and Linux 版本可在下周于​ 上下载​。 新的挖矿服务即将推出。 新的挖矿服务即将推出通过‘黑盒'更使产品更为独特。我们通过测试及广泛分析,希望带来会员更大价值。我们即将日内公布。 我们展开一个众筹慈善项目,以帮助 圣马丁岛,这里百分之九十五地方受到巨风蹂躏。我们希望筹集50,000 欧元,支持當地 慈善团体 LE CLUB 7,重建学校及添置设备,以尽—分绵力。 立即行动:
  • LEO 银行服务:成为创始会员
  • 2018年毛里求斯嘉年华活动:剩余名额所余无几, 努力达标,赶赴现场吧!
  • 现场研讨会:购买门票 -- 不仅为您自己,更为您的团队和客人购买一张吧!
  • 会员专享奖励:不要错过优惠难得机会
  • “LEO 智能 APP 3.0版本” :下载应用软件,组建您的团队!
  • 新的挖矿服务即将推出
  • 黄金储蓄:产品即将面世;留意电邮的公布。
  • LEO之旅:开始联系您在日本、南韩、台湾、巴西及喀麦隆的联系人。
  • 请准时参加下一次 2017年10月9日网络研讨会。