How to motivate your team for business success.

So, you have a great business and are passionate about what you do, but how do you get your new team members to really jump on board and share your enthusiasm? We look at some tried-and-tested ways to truly motivate your team members and create an excellent, close-knit, engaged team culture, where you’re all pulling together for success.

  1. Be positively passionate. Enthusiasm is infectious, so lead by example and always let your passion shine through! Nurture the fresh enthusiasm of new starters. Always promote positivity in your team Be sure to steer your team clear of negativity, as this is the enemy of motivation
  2. Train to retain. Support and guide new members from the start. Connect new-starters with a more experienced team member to mentor them. Teach ‘duplication’ and use the #LEOSYSTEM.
  3. Communicate to motivate. Regular meetings creating a culture of collaboration and team spirit. Create a team culture. The more fun you can make this, the more engaging and good for motivation it will be.
  4. Set goals for success. Spending time with them; see what motivates them. Get to know your team members individually and find out what truly lights their fire! To really motivate set each member a personal goal and make them achievable.
  5. Be chief cheerleader. Celebrate success. Make team members feel appreciated by always recognising achievements.

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