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* This is a visual representation only. The final design may change.

From today you can buy the LEO Gold Limited Edition Collector’s item from the LEO Shop for £1,600. The very first LEO Gold Limited Edition Collector’s Item is an exclusively made coin and will contain one troy ounce of fine gold. The coin is presented in an exclusively designed gift box celebrating the first in the collection. The round has been uniquely designed aimed at celebrating the very essence of LEO and its global reach.

The uniquely designed gift box to accompany the gold coin will also provide space for you to buy the full collection over a period of 5 years. Contained within the gift box will also be a certificate, celebrating this unique purchase and providing details of the exact specification of the coin for your own personal knowledge and understanding.

Limited edition

Only a very small number are being exclusively produced for LEO. Once this edition has been produced, Dan Andersson, LEO CEO will break the mould so that you can be assured that yours will be valued as one of a very Limited Edition.

Share the joy

There is no limit to the number you can buy. You do not need to be a LEO Member to acquire one.

Whilst stocks last you can buy them as a gift or send the LEO Shop link to a friend to allow them to participate in this exciting collection.

When will it be delivered?

This very First Limited-Edition Collector’s Item will be first viewed in Mauritius, LEO’S Annual Global Conference. Attendees of this event will be presented with their purchase exclusively during the event. Those who purchase the gold round (or coin) and are not attending the event, will have the item shipped to their KYC registered address. There will be no additional charge for shipping and it shall be fully insured whilst in transit.

Don’t delay

This, the first in a very limited collection, has been eagerly anticipated, it must not be missed.

Want to learn more?

Want to know more about the LEO Gold Limited Edition Collectors coins and why to start your collection?

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这只是概念草图的展示,最终设计或会有所更改。 从今天起,您可以从LEO商店购买LEO黄金限量收藏家系列的纪念品,价格为1,600英镑。首款LEO黄金限量收藏家系列是一精筹的金币,内含一盎司的纯金。为庆祝我们首 个系列的推出,这枚金币放置在一盒精心设计的礼盒中。本系列设计非常独特,旨在庆祝LEO的内在价值及其在全球丰硕的业务发展。 随这金币独特设计的礼品盒预留了位置,让您在未来5年内完成整套的收藏品。产品证书也包含在礼盒内,庆祝首款纪念金币的收藏,并给予您金币确切规格的详细信息,让您更加了解本系列的价值。


LEO只独家精制少量的纪念品。当首款的黄金收藏品铸好,LEO首席执行官 丹‧安德森 会消毁模具,您收到的收藏家系列将会是世界上绝无仅有的。


您可以购买的数量没有限制。您无需成为LEO的会员也可取得它。 若仍有库存,您可以将其作为礼物购买,或将LEO商店的链接发送给朋友,让他们也得到拥有这一收藏系列的机会。






想要了解更多有关LEO限量黄金收藏家系列金币,以及为什么要着手收藏它? 在此观看视频