LEOcrowd platform upgrade

As we approach our 2 year birthday, it is amazing to see all that has been achieved through LEOcrowd. This reward based crowdfunding platform was officially launched in Stockholm, Sweden in March 2016 and now boasts over 5,000 registered users with projects launched around the globe, through the funds they received from our Backers.

To celebrate our 2 year anniversary, we decided to improve the LEOcrowd experience for our Project Creators and Members. Therefore we are revamping the platform, updating information, improving our design and putting in place new payment solutions that will include credit card, LEOcoin and Bitcoin payment options.

Please note that to allow these improvements to happen we will not be launching any new projects in the month of April. We will of course continue to receive and prepare projects for launch so keep them coming!

We intend to unveil the upgraded platform at the upcoming event in Mauritius.

Until then, please reach out to me at david@LEOcrowd.com if you have any questions about the upcoming changes or if you simply need guidance in creating a crowdfunding project.

David Johnstone
General Manager


我们即将迎来成立两周年的日子,看着LEOcrowd 众筹一路上的成长和取得各方面的成就,深感欣慰。这个以奖励为基础的众筹平台,于2016年3月在瑞典斯德哥尔摩正式启动。现在已拥有5,000多名用户注册,并从他们的支持者筹得资金,在全世界推出不同的项目。 为庆祝我们成立两周年的纪念日,我们决定为众筹发起人和会员着手优化LEOcrowd平台,提供全新的体验。因此,我们正在改善平台的操作、持续更新信息、改进我们的设计界面,并且推出崭新的支付模式。当中包括信用卡、LEOcoin和比特币的支付选项。 请留意,为了实施一系列的改进,我们在四月份不会推出任何新的项目。但我们当然会继续处理和准备已存在的项目,所以继续努力! 我们打算在即将举行的毛里求斯会议上推出全新的平台。 在此之前,如果您对未来的更新有任何疑问,又或您需要创建众筹项目的指引,请电邮至david@LEOcrowd.com与我联系。 祝 安好 大卫.约翰斯通 总经理