Ursa Zivkovic, Product Director, gave the presentation The newest Marketing Director, Deming Fu resides in the Asia Pacific region. At the Global Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur we pre-announced commissions for Members introducing projects to LEOcrowd. Details have been worked out and we are going to present them at Guadeloupe in June. The site is … Continue reading “Global Associate Meeting 29 May 2017”

Home Business Magazine reviews the app and concludes that LEO has introduced “something completely unique by developing a game-changing new app set to revolutionise how direct selling businesses are built and run, making it easier, more efficient and more enjoyable than ever before. The article reviews the features and benefits of the LEO Smart 3 … Continue reading “A New Game Changer in the World of Direct Selling? App-solutely!”

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We are getting close to the The DSA Conference 2017 where we will learn whether Dan Andersson LEO President and CEO will receive the Leadership Award. Express your support on social media – it will help his case. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and Tweet @learnearnown Thank you for your continued support.

Graham Kent, Global Commercial Director and Ursa Zivkovic, Product Director led the presentation. David Johnstone, General Manager LEOcrowd joined us to speak of the LEOcrowd developments. The LEO Credentialed Coach, (LCC) Ryan Coelho teaches you about your mind and how it works. Once you gain insight on this piece of powerful ‘technology’, that each of … Continue reading “Global Associate Meeting 8 May 2017”