Purchase a DMS in April. Reward will be due on 31 July 2018.

The Digital Market Service is a full service, renting mining power for 12 months in return for earnings in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) paid monthly.

Priced at £1,250 for 12 months with 1,000 BP and 1,000 RP. All service costs are included – no hidden costs or additional fees.

The DMS makes it very easy to participate in digital currency markets without needing any expertise and removes the need for you to get involved in any of the difficult things.

In your back office there is an informative video, detailed descriptions of how the service works and full terms and conditions.

Purchase a DMS in April and the service will start 1 July with reward due to be paid on 31 July 2018.


数字市场服务是一项全面的服务,租用12个月的挖矿服务,每月收取比特币(BTC)或以太坊(ETH)作为回报。 12个月的价格为1,250英镑,1,000BP和1,000RP。所有服务费用已包括在内 - 没有隐藏收费或额外费用。 数字市场服务让各位非常轻易参与数字货币的市场当中,无需任何专业知识,也不需要您处理任何困难的事情。 在您的后台已上载一段内容丰富的视频,详细说明服务的运作原理和完整的条款和条件。 4月份购买数字市场服务,服务将于71日启用,并于2018731日收到您的回报。