Special offer until end of January

The Digital Market Service Special Offer is for this month only. Tomorrow is the last day

This special offer gives you the chance to get your DMS rewards early. Buy the Digital Market Service before the end of LEO day on 31 January 2018 and it will start not in up to 90 days but in up to 30 days.

Buy the service this month and it will start on 1 March 2018, not 1 April 2018. This means that the reward will be delivered at the end of March 2018, not the end of April 2018.

For purchases made after 31 January 2018, the normal procedure will come into effect – you will have to wait for up to 90 days before your service starts. If you wait and purchase during February 2018 the service will likely start on 1 May 2018 and the reward will be received at the end of May 2018.

So if you want to see your service start as soon as possible you should buy in January.

Time is running out



这个限定优待给予您提早收取数字市场服务回报的机会。2018131日,LEO结算日或之前购买数字市场服务,设置期将缩减至30天内,而非90天。 本月购买,服务由2018年3月1日启用,而非2018年4月1日。这表示收益将会在2018年3月底收到,而非2018年4月底。 如在2018年1月31日后购买,将按照一般程序处理 — 您必须等待90天的设置期,服务方能启用。如您等到2 月份才购买,服务很可能在2018年5月1日启用,5月底才会收到回报。 所以如果想尽早启用您的服务,请把握机会,本月份购买属于您的数字市场服务。 时间不多了