Time is running out to upgrade your LEOcoins

When we announced that the new LEOcoin had launched we gave Members a long period to convert any of the ‘old’ LEOcoins to the ERC20 token.

You are running out of time

If you have held LEOcoins in an external wallet and have not already gone to the web site https://upgrade2erc20.leocoin.org/ to upgrade your holding to the new ERC token (LEOcoin3) you are running out of time.

Take action now

The facility to upgrade to the new ERC20 LEOcoin is only available until 23:59 UTC on 17 September 2019. After that time you won’t be able to upgrade any previous LEOcoins to the new LEOcoin token on the Ethereum protocol.

If you have not converted, please now go to the LEOcoin conversion site at https://upgrade2erc20.leocoin.org/

If you face any issues, please raise a support ticket in your Member Back Office

LEOcoin/ Cryptocurrency trading must only be practiced in accordance with the law of the Member’s country of residence. LEO does not hold any responsibility whatsoever for any action of the Member that contravenes the law of the Member’s country of residence.

升级LEOcoin 的时间不多了

当我们宣布推出新的LEOcoin时,我们给了会员很长一段时间升级,将任何“旧的” LEOcoin转换为ERC20代币。


如果您已将LEOcoin 保留在外部钱包中并且尚未登上此网站https://upgrade2erc20.leocoin.org/以将您的旧币升级为新的ERC代币(LEOcoin3),您剩下的时间已经不多了。


升级到新的ERC20 LEOcoin的网站仅在2019年9月17日23:59(UTC)之前运作。期后,您将无法将任何旧的LEOcoin升级到以太坊地址上的新LEOcoin代币。