UK Leaders’ Summit. Qualification period extended

Great news!!

To qualify for the event in UK in September 2018, you must recruit a new Member between 17th November 2017 and midnight, server time, on 30 April 2018 and turn them into an Associate by midnight, server time, on 30 April 2018.

LEO events are always life-changing experiences. LEO Members are treated to experiences that they could never otherwise have. Don’t miss out, do what you need to do to get there in September 2018!

英国领导人峰会 — 达标推广期延长

好消息!! 为达标参加2018年9月在英国举行的活动,您必须在2017年11月17日(服务器时间的午夜时间)至2018年4月30日(服务器时间的午夜时间)期间招募新的会员,并协助他们晋升至经理级别。 LEO的活动总能带来一些人生启发.LEO的会员将会体验到前所未有的经历。不要错过了,请在2018年9月前,尽全力赶上我们的活动。