Why olderpreneurs are choosing direct selling

Recent study of 30,000 direct sellers acrss 11 markets, by Seldia (DSA Europe), 19% of participants are now 55 or over. Over 50s may choose to set up a direct selling business to boost their retirement nest egg and ensure a decent standard of living in later life. They choose direct selling for the flexible work options it provides. In fact, according to the study by Seldia, 63% of direct sellers in Europe now say that they run their businesses alongside full- or part-time jobs.

Finding fulfilment in life, at whatever age you are, can be a strong motivating factor to set up your own business. C.S. Lewis, said ‘You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream’. After many years of unfulfilling corporate grind, or possibly being made redundant from what looks suspiciously like an ageist job market, they are desperately seeking the satisfaction that being your own boss can bring. It also offers the opportunity to widen your social circle while networking for business purposes.

Direct selling also provides the perfect opportunity for the olderpreneur to put their considerable experience to great use to excel. Forget all the media hype about the 21st-century young entrepreneur, this is an area where many years of experience in the working world and the people skills and staying power maturity can bring could really help.


Indeed, one highly successful UK-based olderpreneur, Dr Javed Akhtar, has put his considerable experience in the teaching profession to good use by joining LEO.

So, if you’re over 50 and looking for a new challenge in life, and a way to boost your savings, perhaps it’s time to consider starting a direct selling business. Who knows, you could soon be hobnobbing with the entrepreneurial elite.